Hi guys, this is me, the awesome Kako Shorai, today I'm going to give some of my Awesome Dreams, or predictions.

Dream #1Edit

It was the first day of our classes, we were in MCIA, where I was studying as both Grade 5 & 6. Our class is still the same; our class is still together; not much; not less.

  I soon noticed that some of my boyfriends WILL be our teachers. When Finland introduced himself, I was in a complete meltdown. And when Swedem, insted of being terrified, the Bad Ass Bitches Trio, squealed. In lunch, the Extreme boys were teasing Finland. Sweden showed up, and the Extreme boys ran away. The Bad Ass Bitches Trio, comforted Finland, We said: "ganayn lang po talaga sila, nang kikilala lang po ssila. Mabait naman po sila."

   And in the last day, the Bad Ass Bitches Trio, are the best in Nordic languages (danish, finnish, icelandic, norweigan, swedish).


The Nordic teachers were the only teachers on Grade 7, they also said that they hate those slutty girls in the 2nd floor (the Grade 7 was in the 3rd floor).  They also said that the Bad Ass Bitches trio were their favorite students among the students of Grade 7. They allowed us kis and hug them ^w^.

Dream #2Edit

 It was a normal day, I was giving yema to Karl, and Finland was sitting next to me. And I confessed my feelings to him. Good thing, Mat-Mat didn't noticed us, since he was doing his THING with Dustin.

When I woke upEdit

I was smiling wildly, and I noticed it was just a dream. WAAAAAHHH, IWANNA SLEEP AGAIN!

"I hope that it was in real life." - Kako Shorai 2014.